Our product consist of Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, and some special blending teas & Nuts like Pandanous Black Tea, Ginger Tea, Black Calamoundin Tea & Macadamia Nuts. With an annual production of 3.5 million kilogram of tea per years and 2.025 hectares of tea plantation, now we are the biggest green tea plantation in an overlay of the world. Mitra Kerinci produce midland Sumatera Tea and have combine both strong color and taste and also quick brewing. For many year Mitra Kerinci with LIKI product support our customer around the world. We focus to supply our customer with high quality and hygienically tea. Nowadays, almost 85% ready to drink tea in Indonesia uses LIKI tea in their material product. This make our product as a market leader for ready to drink’s material in Indonesia. Now we continuously maintaining the quality of our products through process improvement and innovation in infrastructure, so that we can continue to serve our customer around the world better.